Oh! You’re blogging now?

Are you there world? It’s me! A Mom with a small dream and a willingness to take a chance on myself.

So this is me, a 40 year old military wife posting my first blog. I have to tell you that anyone can do it but it is confusing. I was a little intimidated at first and still am. Thankfully, these Tech Guys really make you feel comfortable and can walk you through it too.

When I first told my kids that I was going to start blogging, the first thing they said was “what do you have to blog about?” Well, actually I have a lot of things I can write about. I can literally write about whatever I want. There’s so many things that we learn as parents and human beings that maybe the lesson that I learned can be shared and benefit someone else.

For the first time, I have hope that I can reach someone out there in the world and help. I can give advice or let other first timers know if it is truly simple setup a website, and blog away. Oh and by the way, I’m not even doing this on my computer, I’m on my smartphone which unfortunately, makes this even more difficult. So I improvised. It was challenging but I got it done without pulling all of my hair out.

I’m sure the first one won’t be perfect and I will learn a lot as I go. If you were curious all you stay at home moms and dads that it’s easy to start and if it’s affordable, well that’s a tricky question. Yes, i thought it was affordable but no it was not easy. Thanks to Siteground.com, it made it a bit easier. I guess there’s a learning curve.

As far as coming up with content, that was simple. Everybody’s got something they learn from just about anyone or anything . You can write about anything that you want or something that you learned. I mean that’s the whole point of the internet right? We’re all searching on the internet for answers. How many times have you searched, typed out your question and your question comes up before you even completely get it all typed out? It’s because there was other people just like you, looking for the answers! Makes sense right?

Before I deciding to start blogging, I actually tried a couple other ways to make money to supplement for our household. My husband is in the military and he’s about to retire in a few months. It’s scarey to know that your income may be drastically reduced and we have kids ready to go to college. Three kids that are mine and three kids that are his, together a family of 8 on one income that may or may not change. Oh! +1 Bulldog. We have to add him in, he’s just like a child anyway so might as well.

On Facebook I’ve seen all these direct marketing companies selling skin products, makeup, clothes and more. You can find anything in direct sales you can imagine. But how easy is it to make money? How fast can you make your first $500 back that you already invested in their products? It’s not easy. Usually, the men and women that are selling these products are starting it as a side job. Don’t be fooled. It’s work.

Basically with a few companies you spend about $200 to buy your products or inventory to sell. Of course you have to purchase products but I wanted to make money, not to spend money. I tried a couple of them and it just wasn’t for me. What I did learn is that these people bust their rear marketing, networking and selling their products.

I still have the products that I bought and I am using them. Yes, I believed in them. I could not sell anything that I didn’t believe in and that I didn’t use myself. I did see the results that they promised and I will continue using their product but I will no longer be a salesperson or spokesperson for those companies.

There are tons and tons of people out there and online. One of my Facebook’s accounts is full of nothing but people from the United States, the UK to Australia that’s on selling online. It’s amazing who you can meet and what you can find.

So now here I am writing. A passion that I have always had. I guess I should of listened to my mom a long time ago and started doing this sooner. Lesson learned! But why did I think that I could possibly create a blog, make it work, feel acomplished and actually help anyone? Because I read other blogs all the time. Many that have helped me tremendously. If they didn’t, I would not be doing this today. Like I said though, I have a passion for it and to keep going you are going to have to have something that drives you.

There is potential for any blog to be successful. The possibilities are out there. Guess what? You can make money from doing something you love and I am going to prove it.

No, there is no saturated market. The internet is going to continue to grow and our need for information is going to grow along with it. As it does, I will be growing aling with it as well. The best thing is I am at home today, writing to you in my pajamas. How great is that? I can say that this is going to be one of the best decisions that I’ve ever made. Either way it goes I’m going to enjoy it and learn from the experience. Sure, at times it’s going to be difficult. I’m sure there’s going to be challenges, but you know what? I’m willing to at least try. That’s the best I can do! Just try and most importantly to believe in myself. So yes world….I’m blogging now!

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